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Wednesday, 01 August 2012 21:03

O Causo é um curta de animação que está sendo desenvolvido por mim nas horas vagas...




aqui ele com seu filho, seu cachorro e seu amigo Jonssu.


Aqui o cenário principal...






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New Mascot designed to Hash´s Animation:Master PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 21 October 2008 18:52

I want to thank all participants of the A:M Forum. During this year ( 2010 ) the official mascot of the

Hash´s Animation:Master will be a character created by me. I have the honor to present the O:ctopu:s

Winner in the Mascot Contest 2010 ( Hash´s Animation:Master )

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How to Model Cars Using A:M E-mail
Friday, 20 March 2009 00:00

Finally, after a long period I decided to begin to produce the tutorial "How to Model a Car Using A:M".

I already began a similar project ( the model was a BMW ) but I had to abandon it for lack of time. Now, I believe that I will get to produce one video for week.

This time I chose to model  a car with modern design and a classic line. My choice was the CHEVROLET CAMARO 2008

Camaro 2008


PART 1 - Front Fender


The first part of the tutorial is available clicking in the image below

( 95 Mb / 15 min 17 sec / MOV / 800x600 )

Tutorial Part 1


PART 2 - Door / Rear Fender


The second part of the tutorial is available clicking in the image below

( 140 Mb / 20 min 15 sec / MOV / 800x600 )


Tutorial Part 2



Comments, sugestions ??? CONTACT ME

The tutorial will be available for free.
Any donation ( paypal ) is welcome, my account is xtaz(at)xtaz(dot)com(dot)br










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Written by Xtaz   
Tuesday, 21 October 2008 18:52

 GT 500


Hello to all my visitors, it is a pleasure to welcome you to my new website.
Here you will learn a little of my life and my 3D work.

I've used a 3D application called Animation:Master from Hash Inc since 1999. In the beginning I was devoted in learning all the modeling tricks and now I am in the process of learning animation. Over the last three years I participated in the project "TWO - Tin Woodman of Oz" with other users of A:M, modeling, texturing and animating. This project has been completed and is now in distribution.

I've also modeled cars for two North American companies that works with forensic animation: AI2 and Dustin Productions LLC

If you are interested in one of my models or if you want an original one, please write me through the contact link under the main menu.

This is a brand new start.....


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